Lent Friendly Pizzas

Pizza for Lent?

Milano’s Pizza would like to give a shout out to our Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Methodist faith pizza eaters.  We respect the tradition of the Christian faith and would like to tell you about three of our Lent Friendly Pizzas.  But first, a little history lesson.  Do you know why we don’t eat meat on Fridays during lent?  Milano’s Pizza does.  Yeah, we had to do the research for this blog.  You can read this article if your like.  But, the dist of it is that meat tastes very good.  By not eating it you’re humbling yourself and your mind is able to focus on Christ.  There.  Now you know.  On to the Lent Friendly Pizzas…

The Veggie

It has fresh mushroom, fresh tomato, onion, and black olive.  It hardly seems like a sacrifice, but remember there is no meat on it.  You’re good!  Get one

Mac And Cheese

Our creamy cheddar cheese sauce is layered with tender macaroni noodles and smothered with a mound of our premium mozzarella and cheddar cheeses.  Just don’t be tempted to add the bacon!  You can wait a few weeks.  Milano’s Pizza is not responsible for people giving into temptation.  lol Get one

The Mighty Greek

This one is special.  It’s not on our menus or even on the Milano’s Pizza website.  Get ready for your mouth to water as we list off the ingredients.  We have onion, black olive, tomato, feta cheese, banana peppers, olive oil and Italian seasoning to bring you a Lent Friendly Pizza with perfection.  Get one

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