Milano's Pizza Appreciates Sam

Milano’s Pizza Appreciates Sam

We constantly have employees that stand out from the crowd.  However, we’d really like to recognize what Sam did because a customer pointed it out to us. Milano’s Pizza Appreciates Sam because she went out of her way to show care for a one of our beloved Saginaw customers.  Anytime an employee shows one of these intangible attributes we want to point them out to the world because they show effort and work.  A person has to go out of their way to do these things: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control are qualities that Milano’s Pizza likes to recognize in people.  We truly care about our customers.  It’s so much more than making the best pizza in Saginaw.  You have to make the pizza experience great and show the human element.  Sam, from all of us at Milano’s Pizza…  Great job and we are so proud of you!

On to Pizza

Ok Saginaw let’s eat!  What sounds good?  How about spicing things up a bit with our Spicy Buffalo?  It can be found on our house pizzas page.  Try one.  You can have it delivered or pick it up after work.  Milano’s Pizza is here for you either way.  But, if you participate in Lent we don’t want to get you in trouble this Friday.  We have a solution for that.  Check out this blog post.  We also want to let you know that you can get Pepsi products at Milano’s Pizza.  How great is it that you can wash that Spicy Buffalo pizza down with Mountain Dew now?


Milano’s Pizza will always be thankful and appreciative for you the reader, the customer, the family that continues to support us and Saginaw.  Thank you so much for being you and being in our lives.  See you soon.


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  1. I will say milano’s is by far the best pizza in saginaw with great prices and the best cheese i am italian and this is the only pizza that reminds me of my great grandmothers home made pizza and thats saying something great job milano’s keep up the great work.

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