Milano's Pizza loves SVSU

Milano’s Pizza Loves SVSU

It is true that Milano’s Pizza Loves SVSU. It really is.  Love is a verb.  A word of action.  We care about college students because you support us.  We appreciate the business you give us.  In return we aim to make the best pizza, subs, wings and desserts that you’ve ever had.  We take action.  From ordering our supplies, to training our employees, to designing our website, to delivering your meal, we have college students in mind.  By the way, we have and awesome dessert menu in mind for you and our records indicate that not enough of you have tried it.  Just sayin’. lol Check out our desserts.

Buy local, the money stays here

Did you know that Milano’s Pizza strives to keep your money as close to Saginaw as possible? We get our products at…  Of course our employees live in and work in Saginaw.  Also, this amazing website is designed and maintained by Digital Designs. They are right here in Saginaw.  Show them some love and click on this link.  Poke around on their website a bit.

We want to be the official pizza of SVSU!

We’d like to be in your food court.  We know there is a competitor in there.  We want to be in there now.  If you want us in hook us up.  Ask around campus and get us the name, e-mail address or phone number of the person in charge. We can even use our website to generate a list of interested students.  In fact, scroll to down and click “Share this item” to get the message out on your social media.  We’d like Saginaw Valley State University to be one of the next new stores we open.  How cool would that be?  You just finished your morning Calc II class and you can enjoy a The Meatballer and a Cannoli with friends.


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