Pizza in Saginaw

Pizza in Saginaw

So when it comes to pizza around here we are the highest authority.  It’s pretty tough to write a sentence like that.  We’re honestly humble people. We do it because you decided that Milano’s Pizza is something special. How else would we be able to have such an awesome website, marketing and stuff?  Day after Day, week after week you keep buying, Pizza, Oven Baked Subs, Wings and desserts.  You have have helped us make a serious dent in the market of the huge pizza franchises.  Someone would have to be a total business failure to attempt to start a new pizza place anywhere near Milano’s Pizza.  Heck, we don’t even need to worry about ranking in Google for pizza near me or restaurant near me.  You have made it possible for us to rank on our name.  People keep looking for us by typing the following keywords:

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Saginaw Rocks

Milano’s Pizza can’t say it enough.  Thank You Saginaw from the bottom of our hearts.  You’re supporting a local business and a local family.  Yes our kids work her, but our family gets bigger each time we hire a new person.  We have a saying here “Family are the people you see more that twice a week”.  After working full-time at a pizza place we certainly see our family.  Actually, many of us have see each other here for years and years.


You didn’t think we’d let you read an entire blog without selling you something did you?  lol  Try a Cannoli today.  They are amazing!


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