The Milano's Pickle Pizza Full Resolution

The Pickle Pizza?

We know what you’re thinking.  The Pickle Pizza!?!  That’s one that you just do not hear about every day.  Hear us out though.  It’s great.  Our many many customer reviews over the years have proven that we are pretty good.  Thanks for that by the way.  But, the pizza business can be tough.  We don’t have to tell you that there are other pizza places in town.  You have choices.  Milano’s Pizza actually cares about what you think.  It’s in our pizza guy DNA.  Caring means constantly looking at ways to make every area of our business better for you the customer.  One of the most important areas is taste.  It was time to expand our pallet to stay cutting edge so we designed and engineered the prototype for the Milano’s Pickle Pizza.

Unique tastes

So let’s get a little science going.  Our tongues were designed with the ability to taste four main tastes.  They are sweet, salty, acid and bitter.  We’re not going to get into the controversy of the tongue taste map.  That’s been debuked.  Now the pickles give us bitter, salty and acid.  That’s a lot.  Did you know that the acid in pickles creates an aroma that enhances the taste?  Well it does.  Trust us.  Soooo..  Milano’s Pizza has your back.  We thought this through.  You have the total experience.  If you add the unique tastes of Thousand island dressing, ground beef, onions, Milano’s premium mozzarella cheese, topped off with bacon and pickles then a sesame seed crust you have a winner.  We’re certain Ernest Hemmingway could explain this better, but he’s not around.

What about sweet?

We got this covered too.  What you need here is a Cannoli.  Cannoli’s are the food of angels and you can see them in out desserts menu.  We’ll talk about them later though.  This blog is about The Pickle Pizza.  You can read more about it in our menu or order one online.  We’re are almost kinda pretty sure that the person you love the most may have called us and told you to get one, but don’t quote us on that.  Get one.  Mention this blog and get a high five and a smile at no additional charge.