Milano's Pizza Saginaw

The Saginaw Store’s Face Lift

So you’ve seen the picture of the Saginaw store on the home page.  It served us well and we appreciate our flagship.  We’ll probably leave it there as a reminder of how much we’ve grown.  The old look is pretty cool.  But, it was time to start thinking about franchising.  A modern look was needed for our college crowd yet it needed to be nostalgic for our more seasoned humans.  We decided on sharp and bright colors with the warming feeling of good ole’ neon lights.  We feel we can take this look and put it everywhere making it synonymous with quality and community.

The Milano’s Pizza Logo

A very small Milano's Pizza logo

You have to admit.  The Milano’s Pizza Logo is cool.  It took a lot of trial an error to come up with.  We’d like to make him very visible in the communities that have a Milano’s Pizza store.  He may show up at a Saginaw Spirit game.  You’ll see him on our delivery vehicles.  Our employees have him on their shirts, hat and aprons.  Soon you’ll be able to buy shirts with him on there and go to local stores like Meijer and see him on Milano’s Pizza gift cards.  You know what?  He needs a name.  Comment on this blog with your suggestion and if we like it we’ll get you some free stuff.

It’s all for you

Whether it’s the look or the logo, we do it all because you the customer keep coming back.  The fact that you continue to buy our stuff and support us truly truly touches our heart in a personal way.  While yes, business is business, our business is run by people with feelings.  We feel good about being the best we can be for you.  If you ever have a problem with anything at Milano’s Pizza, anything at all, talk to us about it.  Don’t be a dork and rant about it.  Actually talk about it and we will make the situation right.  We care.

Thanks for reading.

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