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We have 400 Google Reviews!

How do you start an article like this? Let us tell you.  Milano’s Pizza would like to thank Saginaw and the surrounding areas for over 400 Google reviews.  We have worked hard for years, but it’s because of you that we have and continue to have amazing success. Saginaw pizza lovers have decided beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the best pizza restaurant in Saginaw.   One of our biggest groups of supporters is Saginaw Valley State University.  The students of SVSU come here more than any other restaurant in their own food court!  We have many other people we would like to thank and we will do so in blogs to come. Right now we want to focus on the menu items that Saginaw has chosen to be the best.

The Meatballer Pizza

We did a post on our Google business listing about a year ago and this pizza rocked off the charts.   Milano’s Pizza loves making this one for you. If you haven’t had a meatballer pizza give one a try tonight.

Our Deserts

Our cannolis and cheesecakes are selling like hotcakes LOL.  If you really want to indulge and just have a dessert that makes your eyes roll back in your head then these are both for you. Splurge a little bit. In fact if you have a friend or family member that you really love you should get them one of these. In the future you can even get a Milano’s Pizza gift card online and they can get their own desserts or pizza. Until then you can always get a gift card from our store location. Nothing says I love you like a Milano’s Pizza gift card.

How are you can help us more

So before we had our website up and running we had our Google business listing. That generated us a lot of traffic and we were able to help you more. Help us more and help us grow by watching this video and learning how you can follow us and save our location in your favorites on Google Maps.

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your iphone or andriod phone (get the app if you don’t have it.)
  2. Search for “Milano’s Pizza”.
  3. Click the “follow” button.
  4. Click the “Save” button and add us as a favorite!
  5. Feel warm and great inside because you are supporting a local business that Saginaw LOVES!

Thank you so much for reading this and supporting us. Please feel free to comment below.

Saginaw rocks!

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